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graver n : a tool used by an engraver [syn: graving tool, pointel, pointrel]

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  1. a burin
  2. a carver or engraver






  1. To engrave
  2. To carve (wood)
  3. To burn (data, onto a CD)

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A Graver(Goth Raver): A hybrid between two subcultures, Gravers are those who have adapted to both gothic and raving styles and philosophies. Typical clothing a Graver would wear includes baggy bondage or phat pants, hair glowproducts as well as an assortment of accessories that range from spikes and bracers to kandy (colorful beads that has been strung into jewellery.). Some adapt their styles from cybergoths, incorporating dreadfalls, hair extensions and goggles. More futuristic clothing and armor styles tend not to be apart of the graving subculture however. They also borrow the biohazard symbols in their hedonistic apparel. Gravers represent a culture of dance. It is their weapon of choice when it comes to expression and an excellent outlet of stress. As of date their are no apparent 'graver dances'. Instead, they either adapt their styles of dance from that of normal raves or of the industrial goth scene.
Glowsticking seems to be a favourite among gravers as a preferred style of dance. Glowsticking itself is relatively young as a dance form and more information on the subject can be found at
Above all else, the graver enjoys anything blacklightable which emphasises the contrast between that which is predominantly black and dark background against colorful colors such as green, yellow, orange pink and purple trimming.
So what are the philosophies behind this hybrid subculture, what are they trying to represent? So far, all that can be said is that it is a subculture of dance, freedom of expression and gothic beauty all rolled into one.


A favourite cult movie of the Graver is Return of the Living Dead: Rave from the Grave


Most Gravers associate themselves with mythical creatures of the night such as: Zombies, Vampires and WereWolves
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